What Is the Definition of Bryozoa?


Bryozoa can be defined as moss animals that are aquatic invertebrates in nature. Bryozoa live in tropical water that is less than 100 meters deep but some of them might be found in deep seas.
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a phylum of invertebrates comprising about 4000 marine and freshwater species of bryozoans.
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Cellepore refers to a genus of delicate branching corals. These corals are made up of minute cells, which belong to the bryozoa. Bryozoa refers to a class of molluscoidea ...
Adeona is a genus of bryozoan animals belonging to the family Adeonidae. Bryozoa is a phylum of aquatic invertebrate animals that are filter feeders and about ...
Cyclostomata is a division in zoology that consists of Bryozoa. It is an order that is composed of primitive jawless aquatic vertebrates such as the lampreys or ...
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