What Is the Definition of Carving?


Carving is the cutting, sculpturing or engraving of material such as stone or wood in an artistic way or decorative manner to form a figure or design. The word can also refer to a figure or design that is formed by this kind of cutting.
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the act of fashioning or producing by cutting into or shaping solid material, as wood.
a carved design or figure.
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carve |kärv|verb [ trans. ]1 (often be carved) cut (a hard material) in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing object or design : the wood was carved with runes | [as adj
carve: form by carving; engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface; cut to pieces
1 - 'To carve' is 'erosion' The water, rocks, and sand eat away (erode) the rock base at the bottom of the waterfall, making a hollow under the cliff. Eventually, the cliff collapses
n the shaping and forming with instruments.
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