What Is the Definition of Ceruminous?


Ceruminous can be defined as that which is relating to or secreting cerumen. Cerumen is a supple yellow or brown wax-like substance that is secreted by the glands in the ear canal. It protects the skin in the ear canal as well as providing protection from bacteria, fungi, water and insects.
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[siro̅o̅′minəs] pertaining to earwax.
gland accessory gland a minor mass of glandular tissue near or at some distance from a gland of similar structure. accessory adrenal glands adrenal glandular tissue, usually either
one of a number of tiny structures in the external ear canal, believed to be modified sweat glands. They secrete a waxy cerumen instead of watery sweat.
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Ceruminal relates to cerumen. Cerumen is a yellowish waxy substance that is secreted in the ear canal of some mammals and human beings. It protects the skin of ...
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