What Is the Definition of Coadaptation?


The word coadaptation can be defined as genetic characteristics that have become established through mutually beneficial interactions, between organisms in a community. It can also refer to the interaction among genes of different loci that result in an expression of such characteristics. Coadaptation can occur between interacting genes, structures within an organism or between two or more interacting species.
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Biology the correlation of structural or behavioral characteristics in two or more interacting organisms in a community or organs in an organism resulting from progressive accommodation by natural selection.
Genetics. the accumulation in a population's gene pool of genes that interact by harmonious epistasis in the development of an organism.
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ko-ad″ap-ta´shun co·ad·ap·ta·tion (kd-p-tshn) n. The joint correlated changes in two or more interdependent organs.
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To co-adapt is to mutually interact and to adapt to changing environmental conditions through the process of natural selection. Co-adaptation involves the interaction ...
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