What Is the Definition of Coaptation?


Coaptation is defined as the adaptation or adjustment of people, things, parts, to each other and to the environment. In medicine, it is the joining of two surfaces, such as the ends of a broken bone.
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a joining or adjustment of parts to one another: the coaptation of a broken bone.
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kō'ap-tā'shŭn Joining or fitting together of two surfaces; for example, the lips of a wound or the ends of a broken bone. [L. co-apto, pp. -aptatus, to fit together]
soo´cher 1. sutura. 2. a stitch or series of stitches made to secure apposition of the edges of a surgical or traumatic wound. 3. to apply such stitches. 4. material used in
a short splint or plastic bandage designed to immobilize a fracture and prevent overriding of the ends of a fractured bone, usually supplemented by a longer splint to fix the entire
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Coaptate is a verb that means to adapt or to adjust things or people into one another. It also means to draw together the separated tissue in a wound or fracture ...
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