What Is the Definition of Cobalt?


A cobalt is an alloying element used in tool, magnet and heat resisting steels. Together with tungsten and molybdenum, cobalt is used to form the super high speed steels. It improves the red hardness value of the steel, that is, it enables the steel to resist softening at a high temperature or in the case of a cutting tool, to hold its edge under severe conditions.
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a silver-white metallic element with a faint pinkish tinge, occurring in compounds whose silicates afford important blue coloring substances for ceramics. Symbol: Co; atomic weight: 58.933; atomic number: 27; specific gravity: 8.9 at 20°C.
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Cobalt blue is a blue to green pigment consisting of a variable mixture
cobalt bloom: a reddish mineral consisting of hydrated cobalt arsenate in monoclinic crystalline form and used in coloring glass
[kō′bôlt] Etymology: Ger, kobold, mine goblin a metallic element that occurs in the minerals cobaltite, smaltite, and linnaeite. Its atomic number is 27. Its atomic
n 1. a solution composed of two metals dissolved in each other when in the liquid state. n 2. the product of the fusion of two or more metals. alloy, amalgam n the alloy or product
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Cobaltous is an adjective that describes something that contains cobalt, especially with valence 2. Cobalt is a metal that is hard, lustrous and gray in colour ...
Cobaltic is a term used to describe a substance that contains the metal cobalt. The word may also be used chemically to refer to substances in containing cobalt, ...
Cobaltammine is defined as any of the numerous ammines of cobalt. Amines are formed by the coordination of ammonia molecules with metal ions. Ammines of cobalt ...
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