What Is the Definition of Conscription?


Conscription is defined as the compulsory enrollment of people for the armed forces especially for military purposes. It could also mean a payment in terms of money exacted by a government during war.
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compulsory enrollment of persons for military or naval service; draft.
a compulsory contribution of money to a government during a time of war.
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conscription is the mandatory military service for both the people that are chosen in the death lottery and in the army.
Conscription: Compulsory enrollment, especially for the armed forces; draft.
conscription: compulsory military service
Compulsory enrollment and induction into the military service. Conscription is commonly known as the draft, but the concepts are not exactly the same. Conscription is the compulsory
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The word 'conscript' can be defined as someone who is enrolled into the military or armed service, especially compulsorily. A conscript is a military recruit or ...
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By definition, the word conscription means enrolling people in mandatory military or civil service. Conscription was the best way for a noble or lord to raise ...
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