What Is the Definition of Context Clues?


Context clues are words and phrases in a sentence that help you identify the meaning of words that are unfamiliar. The definition is used to fit the context. Context names could be synonyms a restatement of the word or an example that helps define the word.
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well heres one for opposite : thats the opposite glass ours must have gotten swiched.
Text book writers usually know when they must use a word that will be new to their student
Context clue sentences are sentences in which the person who is having difficulty reading will be able to figure out a hard word by its context in the sentence. Examples: We could
Text clues are what you use to support your answer.
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Context clues are words or phrases in a sentence that help the reader figure out the meaning of an unknown word. Antonyms, synonyms, stated examples, contrasts and restatements all function as context clues.
Context clues are clues that are found within the substance of something. This is usually in writing and refers to bits of information within the writing that may refer to something of larger significance. This can also be foreshadowing.
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