What is the definition of "craftless"?


"Craftless" is an adjective that describes a person who lacks a specific craft or skill used in a job. It is derived from the word "craft," which means a specialized skill used in a vocation. Someone who is craftless may have a hard time finding high-paying jobs.

A craftless person is less likely to belong to a trade or professional union. "Craftless" may also describe the nature of the work as opposed to the person himself. A craftless job is one for which the employee does not need special skills. A worker at a manufacturing plant who operates a simple, basic piece of machinery might not need a craft, for instance.

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[kraft, krahft]
an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill: the craft of a mason.
skill; dexterity: The silversmith worked with great craft.
skill or ability used for bad purposes; cunning; deceit; guile.
the members of a trade or profession collectively; a guild.
a ship or other vessel.
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