What Is the Definition of Creodont?


A creodont is a word that refers to the extinct carnivorous mammals that belong to the suborder Creodonta. These are usually thought to have live in the Paleocene Epoch to the Pliocene Epoch and share an ancestor with Carnivora.
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any of a diverse group of extinct predatory mammals, from the Paleocene to Pleistocene epochs, that constituted the suborder Creodonta, of the order Carnivora, developing along evolutionary lines somewhat parallel to those of the ancestors of modern carnivores and typically having a stocky, doglike body and a long, low skull.
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Creodonts are an extinct group of carnivorous mammals that were long thought to
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Hyaenodon, also referred to as 'hyaena-toothed' was genus of Hyaenodonts that had died out. This was a group of carnivorous creodonts belonging to the family Hyaenodontidae ...
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