What Is the Definition of Cryptic?


Cryptic refers to something whose meaning is mysterious or obscure. A cryptic may also refer to clues that point to solutions though indirectly. Coloration or markings that are intended to act as camouflage may also be referred to as cryptic.
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mysterious in meaning; puzzling; ambiguous: a cryptic message.
abrupt; terse; short: a cryptic note.
secret; occult: a cryptic writing.
involving or using cipher, code, etc.
Zoology fitted for concealing; serving to camouflage.
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Cryptic can be defined as anything mysterious. Another definition of cryptic would be something that is abrupt or short. Most cryptic things are hard to figure out and require some kind of code to solve.
The definition of cryptic is: a secret, puzzling, mysterious in meaning, involving cipher or code. A cryptic message is usually message that is written so that only the person it was written for will be able to understand it.
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Cryptic means mysterious in meaning, puzzling or ambiguous. Thank you for using
cryptic: of an obscure nature; having a secret or hidden meaning; having a puzzling terseness
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Cryptical means of an obscure nature. It also refers to someone or something that has a secret or hidden meaning in it. This word is an adjective of the word cryptic ...
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