What Is the Definition of Cytosine?


Cytosine refers to a pyrimidine base that constitutes of DNA and RNA involved in base pairing with guanine. It is commonly used in the medical field to determine the type of genes. Its chemical formula is C4H5N3O.
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[sahy-tuh-seen, -zeen, -sin]
a pyrimidine base, C4H5N3O, that is one of the fundamental components of DNA and RNA, in which it forms a base pair with guanine. Symbol: C
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A cytosine is a a pyrimidine base C4H5N3O that codes genetic inform...
cytosine: a base found in DNA and RNA and derived from pyrimidine
Hi Wajid, Purines and Pyramidines are the nitrogen containing bases found in the nucleotides that make up DNA and RNA. Purines include bases Adenine and Guanine Pyramidines include
[sī′təsin] a pyrimidine base that is a component of DNA and RNA. In free or uncombined form it occurs in trace amounts in most cells, usually as a product of the enzymatic
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The scientific definition of guanine is: "A purine base that is component of DNA and RNA, forming a base pair with cytosine. It also occurs in guano, fish ...
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