What does "declamation" mean?


"Declamation" means the act of or exercise in elocution or oratory, such as reciting a classic speech. It also refers to writing or speaking for oratorical effect. In music, declamation refers to the proper enunciation of words, such as when singing recitative passages.

An example sentence using the word "declamation" is: "There was a lot transitional crudeness between registers and a tendency toward unsubtle declamation." Another example sentence using the word is: "She used nonsense poetry and drawing-room declamation." The word has Latin origins dating back as early as the 14th century from the stem "declamatio," which is equivalent to "declamat."

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the act or art of declaiming.
exercise in oratory or elocution, as in the recitation of a classic speech.
speech or writing for oratorical effect.
Music. the proper enunciation of the words, as in recitative.
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