What Is the Definition of Decorations?


Decorations can be described as the process of adorning, embellishing or decorating something. In many instances decorations are characterised by paintings or wallpapers set in clothes, rooms and buildings. Decorations can also refer to the medals awarded to an individual because of his or her bravery.
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something used for decorating; adornment; embellishment: The gymnasium was adorned with posters and crepe-paper decorations for the dance.
the act of decorating.
a badge, medal, etc., conferred and worn as a mark of honor: a decoration for bravery.
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A decoration is an addition that makes something more attractive. It can also mean a badge of honour. An example in a sentence is;'when we attended the wedding, the bride had a decoration that stood out'.
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Taking something plain and using color and accessories to spice it up. There are so many different ways to decorate and accessorize. If you are looking for ways to accessorize you
A decorated veteran is an individual who has served their country in
decorously: in a proper and decorous manner
A decorated veteran is an individual who has served their country in the military and has been awarded various medals for their upstanding performance of their duties in military
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