What Is the Definition of Depolarization?


Depolarization refers to the loss of polarisation or the process or act of reducing the effect of polarity. This word is also used in reference to the decrease of a membrane potential to a less negative value which is brought about by the invasion of cations.
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a sharp division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions.
Optics. a state, or the production of a state, in which rays of light or similar radiation exhibit different properties in different directions.
the production or acquisition of polarity.
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de-po″lar-ĭ-za″shun the reduction of a membrane's resting potential so that it becomes less negative. In cardiac physiology there are several forms: the normal slow
de-po″lahr-ĭ-za´shun 1. the process or act of neutralizing polarity. 2. in electrophysiology, reversal of the resting potential in excitable cell membranes when stimulated
Etymology: AS, slaw, dull the slow loss of membrane polarization that occurs between action potentials in cells of the sinus and atrioventricular nodes.
dē-pōl'ăr-īz-ing blok Skeletal muscle paralysis associated with loss of polarity of the motor endplate, as occurs following administration of succinylcholine.
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Depolarize is to deprive polarity, to partially or completely eliminate or counteract the polarization of or in electrophysiology reversal of the resting potential ...
The term depolarizer is used to refer to a substance that is added to an electrolyte of an electric cell or battery with the purpose of eliminating gas that is ...
The definition of atrial depolarization is the process of neutralizing polarity in the anatomical atrium. This can also be defined as the reversal of the resting ...
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