What Is the Definition of Dielectric?


Dielectric refers to a material having the property of transmitting electric force without conduction. It can also refer to a medium or substance with a property of acting as an insulator and one that is a poor conductor of electricity.
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a nonconducting substance; insulator.
a substance in which an electric field can be maintained with a minimum loss of power.
of or pertaining to a dielectric substance.
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'Dielectric' is often used in a general sense to refer to a material (such as ceramic, mica, plastic or paper) which is a poor conductor of electricity. This term is used in the classical
A substance in which an electric field can be maintained with a minimum loss of power. ChaCha!
dielectric: a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity
[di′elek′trik] 1 adj, transmitting electric effects by induction, but not by conduction. The term is applied to an insulating substance through or across which electric
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The word dielectrical is noun that refers to a substance that has poor or no electoral conductivity at all. These substances are very efficient supporters of electrostatic ...
A nonpolar solvent is any solvent with a dielectric constant below 15. The dielectric constant is the measure of a solvent's ability to reduce the electric ...
Electrostriction is a characteristic of electrical non conductors and dielectrics that makes it them to change shape when under the influence of electric current ...
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