What Is the Definition of Disproportionality?


Disproportionality refers to biased or under-representation of a given population group. This is often defined by ethnic or racial backgrounds. It can also be defined by socioeconomic status, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and English proficiency in a specific population category.
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Disproportional: -adjective meaning not in proportion; disproportionate.
Genetic Disproportion refers to any physical abnormality inherited from either of the parent donors.
decreased muscle tone difficulty swallowing dilated gene hypotonia inheritance joint lordosis motor muscle tone mutation new mutation ophthalmoplegia pattern of inheritance prevalence
dis″pro-por´shun a lack of the proper relationship between two elements or factors. cephalopelvic disproportion abnormally large size of the fetal skull in relation to
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[dis-pruh-pawr-shuh-nl, -pohr-]
not in proportion; disproportionate.
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