What is the definition of distasteful?


According to Reference.com, the word "distasteful" means either unpleasant tasting or generally offensive in some way. The prefix "dis-" indicates a reversal or undoing of the root word "taste," and "full of" is the definition of the "-ful" suffix.

The word conveys an unappealing taste, whether the taste refers to eating or not. If, for instance, a particular beverage does not appeal to someone, it is distasteful to him. Additionally, if a conversation is offensive or bothersome to one of the participants, it is also distasteful to him. A chore not to one's liking is said to be distasteful as well.

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Another word for dislike. Mild dislike or aversion.
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Synonyms include disaffection, disaffinity, disagreement,
distasteful: not pleasing in odor or taste; highly offensive
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unpleasant, offensive, or causing dislike: a distasteful chore.
unpleasant to the taste: a distasteful medicine.
showing distaste or dislike.
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