What Is the Definition of Dynamo?


The word dynamo can be defined as a machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy such as a generator. The term can also mean an extremely energetic and forceful person or a device that produces direct current.
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an electric generator, especially for direct current.
an energetic, hardworking, forceful person.
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Dynamo (noun) a generator consisting of a coil (the armature) that rotates between
dynamo: generator consisting of a coil (the armature) that rotates between the poles of an electromagnet (the field magnet) causing a current to flow in the armature
Dynamos is an electric generator, esp. for direct current.
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A stator is defined as a stationary part or section of a turbine, motor, a working machine or dynamo where a rotor turns or rotates. It also means a row of tiny ...
The term 'armature' refers to the rotating coils of an electric motor or dynamo. An armature can also be any moving part of an electrical machine where a voltage ...
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