What is the definition of "e-tourism"?


E-tourism is the digitisation of all the processes and value chains in the tourism, hospitality, travel and catering industries that enable organisations to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency. E-tourism takes advantage of extranets for developing transactions with trusted partners, intranets for reorganising internal processes and the internet for the interacting with all its stakeholders.
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DEFINITION OF SPORTS TOURISM: travel undertaken for the purpose of engaging in a particular sport such as skiing or golf, or to watch a favorite team play.
The practice of marketing through internet and mobile media channels; such marketing considered as a discipline.
Natives of that country traveling and exploring within their country. For example...Filipinos from Manila can be a domestic tourist if they go to Cebu, Davao, etc. For Domestic Tourism
Mass tourism is a phenomenon whereby massive amounts of people flock to one country or a certain area of a country for the purposes of tourism during a specific period of time.
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E tourism is the application of ICT in the tourism industry. The technology is used in the advertising of different tourist destination, application of tourism visit and making payments.
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