What Is the Definition of Ecology?


Ecology is a term that is used in education to refer to the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. It can also be described as the study of the interaction of people with their environment.
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Ecological role is your position in the branch of biology dealing with
I have a particular non-standard view of ecology based on my studies of General Schemas Theory. In that theory it is noted that the System schema has an inverse dual called the meta-system
Habitat and Niche. Habitat. is the social and physical environment where people live, work, shop or spend time. These individuals often share similar values and perspectives. Niche.
It's the study of how living things react and live within their environment. It considers the pathways of material and energy through natural systems, including everything from weather
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the branch of biology dealing with the relations and interactions between organisms and their environment, including other organisms.
the branch of sociology concerned with the spacing and interdependence of people and institutions.
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Ecology is the study of ecosystems. The study of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Ecologists research everything from tiny bacteria, to the effects of tropical rain forests.
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