What Is the Definition of Ellipticity?


The term ellipticity is a noun which refers to the degree of deviation from a sphere or circle of an ellipsoidal or elliptical path or shape, measured as the ratio of the major to the minor axes.
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[ih-lip-tis-i-tee, el-ip-, ee-lip-]
the degree of divergence of an ellipse from a circle.
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An elliptical galaxy is a type of galaxy that has an elliptical shape rather than spiral shape. It has been suggested that this shape is due to a collision between two spiral galaxies
The definition of elliptical is "shaped like an ellipse".
elliptic leaf: a simple leaf shaped like an ellipse
Perhaps you mean an ellipse. Source(s) http://www.analyzemath.com/EllipseEq/Ell….
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Elliptic refers to something that has a regular oval shape. The elliptic is traced by a point that moves in a plane such that the sum of its foci is constant. ...
Elliptically is an adverb that describes that which is done in relation to the shape of an ellipse. It can also refer to that which is done in relation to the ...
Elliptical describes something that is elliptic. Elliptic describes something of, relating to or having the shape of an eclipse or something containing or characterized ...
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