What Is the Definition of Ennoble?


Ennoble simply means to make noble. It actually refers to the act of raising something to nobility. Ennoble is a transitive verb which can also be defined as to make honourable or dignify.
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to elevate in degree, excellence, or respect; dignify; exalt: a personality ennobled by true generosity.
to confer a title of nobility on.
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Ennoble - v 1: lend dignity or honor to 2: give a title to someone; make someone a
ennoble: confer dignity or honor upon; give a title to someone
ennoblement: the state of being noble; the act of raising someone to the nobility
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Ennobler is one who ennobles. This is a person who is responsible for conferring nobility upon others. An ennobler signifies to an individual who makes other people ...
The term ennobling means investing with dignity or honour. It also means tending to exalt or raisin to the rank of nobility. Dignifying and exalting are synonyms ...
The word ennoblement can be defined as the act of making noble. This is making exalting, dignifying or advancing to nobility. Ennoblement can also be used to refer ...
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