What Is the Definition of Ephebe?


Ephebe refers to a young man in the ancient Greece between the age of 18 to 20 years that is undergoing military training. It can also refer to a youth that is about to enter full citizenship.
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[ih-feeb, ef-eeb]
a young man, especially an ephebus.
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ĕ-fē'bik Rarely used term relating to the period of puberty or to a youth. [G. ephēbikos, relating to youth, fr. hēbē, youth]
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Ephebic is an adjective that is used to describe a youth between 18 and 20 years in ancient Greece. It is also used to describe youths who are about to enter full ...
Ephebos is a Greek word for a group in their adolescent stage of development or a social status reserved for that age in antiquity. It is also anglicised as ephebe ...
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