Definition of Evaporation?


The word evaporation is defined as the process by which any matter that is converted from a liquid state into and carried off in vapour. It can also be defined as to draw off in the form of vapour.
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Evaporation is the slow vaporization of a liquid and the reverse of condensation. A type of phase transition, it is process by which molecules in a liquid state spontaneously become
For elements or compounds, evaporation is a phase change from a liquid to a gas.
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Facility air conditioners are split systems with a condenser outside the building that expels heat and an evaporator inside that absorbs heat from the inside air. A compressor forces
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the act or process of evaporating.
the state of being evaporated.
Archaic. matter or the quantity of matter evaporated or passed off in vapor.
Evaporation is the vaporization of a liquid, where a liquid become a vapor. It is the reverse of condensation and allows a liquid to change form to a gas.
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The water cycle is defined as how water moves between the ocean and other bodies of water, the land and the air. The sun causes water to evaporate from the ocean ...
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