What Is the Definition of Expressionist?


Expressionist is described as an artist that deals with expressionism. It is also defined as a term that is related to expressionism which means a literary and artistic movement. Expression is defined as the way of making one's feelings and thoughts to be known.
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(often lowercase) Theater a style of playwriting and stage presentation stressing the emotional content of a play, the subjective reactions of the characters, symbolic or abstract representations of reality, and nonnaturalistic techniques of scenic design.
Literature. a technique of distorting objects and events in order to represent them as they are perceived by a character in a literary work.
(usually lowercase) a phase in the development of early 20th-century music marked by the use of atonality and complex, unconventional rhythm, melody, and form, intended to express the composer's psychological and emotional life.
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A movement in the arts during the early part of the 20th century that emphasized subjective expression of the artist's inner experiences
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