What Is the Definition of Extinction?


Extinction refers to the end of an organism or of a group of organisms, normally a species. The word may also refer to the act of making extinct or causing to be extinguished. Alternatively, it may refer to the condition or fact of being extinct or extinguished.
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Extinction means that something ceases to exist. This usually refers to organisms that have completely died out for one reason or another.
Mass extinction (noun) is the process in which huge numbers of spec...
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the act of extinguishing.
the fact or condition of being extinguished or extinct.
suppression; abolition; annihilation: the extinction of an army.
Biology the act or process of becoming extinct; a coming to an end or dying out: the extinction of a species.
Psychology the reduction or loss of a conditioned response as a result of the absence or withdrawal of reinforcement.
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A definition of extinction is that an animal or plant totally disappears from the planet. Dinosaurs are a prime example with the dodo bird being fairly recent. Species thought to be extinct have been re-discovered in recent years.
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