What Is the Definition of Fire Hazard?


A fire hazard is situation where there is greater than normal risk of harm to property or people due to fire. It can be defined as a hazardous area where fire will start or where smokes or gasses can be generated, or where an explosion can occur endangering the lives of people.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Definition of Fire Hazard"
There are several hundred things that can, from badly-vented game systems to uncontrolled live wires. Basically, anything that can generate heat or electricity can be a fire hazard
My assessment: Overloaded electrical circuits. People frequently overload their home and office circuitry and fail to consider that the wiring work in those areas might be substandard
Natural phenomena which occur in proximity and pose a threat to
The definition of "hazardous substance" in the tax provision is in large part based on Section 101(1
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