Definition of Flora and Fauna?


The two terms, Flora and Fauna are often used together to refer to the collective term for all kinds of animals and all kinds of plants found in a particular region, habitat, or geological period.
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Basically anything can be. Threats to flora can be: knocking down trees/ forests, people breaking things off, bushfires/fires and some diseases. I've seen some trees on an island
flora = the plants of a region. fauna = the animals of a
Flora - Plant life. Fauna - Animal life. I'm sure you can finish your homework yourself with that information.
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The indigenous plant and wildlife of geographical region is often referred to as that region’s flora and fauna. Flora and fauna refer to plant and wildlife respectively
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Faunal succession is a principle that can be defined as that which is based on the observation that sedimentary rock strata contains fossilized flora and fauna ...
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