What Is the Definition of Food Preservation?


Food preservation refers to the process of treating and handling food to slow down spoilage. Food preservation is attained through various methods such as drying, exclusion of air, refrigeration and use of preservatives so as to increase the lifespan of the food in context. Food preservation provides an unfavorable condition for growth of bacteria and microorganisms that lead to food spoilage.
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Antimicrobials are one type of preservative that prevents the growth of certain molds, yeasts and other types of bacteria. The most common antimicrobials include acetic acid/acetate
It keeps longer!
It is a method of preserving food and gives a distinctive taste that some people find desirable. It introduces particles ad smoke pollutants into the food which has known to cause
That depends. If you want foods that last longer, and are cheaper buy foods with preservatives. If you want foods that are healthier( foods with preservatives are most likely going
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