What Is the Definition of Friction?


Friction is the opposition that an object or a surface encounters as it moves over another. In physics, friction is a force that resists the relative movement or tendency of such movement within two bodies or materials that are in contact.
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Friction generated between two dry surfaces in contact during motion. Kinetic frictionis a product of the coefficient of kinetic friction and the normal reaction force. It assumes
frictional: pertaining to or worked or produced by friction
Friction is the force resisting the relative lateral (tangential) motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, or material elements in contact. It is usually subdivided into several varieties
Surfaces like tabletops and tires may look smooth to the naked eye, but if you could see them through a microscope you'd discover there are countless small irregularities —
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Friction is the resistive force acting between two bodies that tends to oppose motion.
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