What Is the Definition of Fudge?


Fudge refers to a soft candy made from sugar, butter and milk or cream. It also refers to an instance of faking or ambiguity or a piece of late news inserted in a newspaper page. In addition it also means rich chocolate used especially as a filling for cakes or a sauce in ice cream.
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a soft candy made of sugar, butter, milk, chocolate, and sometimes nuts.
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Fudge (fj) n. 1. A soft rich candy made of sugar, milk, butter, and flavoring. 2.
Fudge is a cooked chocolate confection. There are a huge range of fudge recipes, but most include chocolate, sugar, butter, and condensed milk, evaporated milk, or cream. Other common
fudge factor: a quantity that is added or subtracted in order to increase the accuracy of a scientific measure
hot-fudge sauce: thick chocolate sauce served hot
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