What Is the Definition of Genotype?


Genotype is a term used in genetic engineering to refer to the genetic makeup of an organism which is separate from physical features and appearance. These are a combination of alleles on chromosomes and are responsible for determining characteristics and traits of an organism.
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A geneotype is the genetic form of a cell or any organism. It is the DNA makup of a person or it can be a specific gene by itself. A person with blonde hair and blue eyes is considered
The genotype is the actual code for a trait. Hidden on the chromosome we can never actually see the alleles controlling the trait unless we sequence the DNA. The phenotype is the
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A genotype is the genetic makeup or physical appearance of an organism. This can be the result of hereditary which can result in diseases and disorders. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genotype
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A homozygous recessive genotype carries two recessive alleles for a gene. The recessive gene only appears if there is no dominant gene present. Therefore a homozygous ...
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