What is the definition of global perspective?


A global perspective is defined as a personal outlook that considers situations from a broader viewpoint and more critical consideration of experience. A global perspective incorporates a person's knowledge about global issues and the role of the individual country in the developing global economic, technological and communicative networks.

Global perspectives are informed by thorough and diverse research. Individuals with a global perspective are concerned with learning how the global community is affected by the policies of a particular country. Similarly, individuals who have a global perspective consider the transnational exchanges that occur on a daily basis, shaping public policies and determining the complex relationships between two nations. A global perspective includes an understanding of international conflict and peace-building missions. Discrimination and inequality are understood as contemporary human rights issues. Similarly, the environmental impact of humans and industry on the earth is considered, especially in the context of possible droughts and flooding from global warming. Someone with a global perspective can identify the link between the individual and the global and know that lives are connected intricately. To develop a global perspective, one must increase one's understanding of how political, economic and social policies can negatively impact other nations or the global community and act to make change.

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