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The word gnat means any of various small insects, particularly certain dipterous flies, which bite often. An example of a sentence with this word is; 'during the rainy season, there were lots of gnats of different kinds'.
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any of certain small flies, especially the biting gnats or punkies of the family Ceratopogonidae, the midges of the family Chironomidae, and the black flies of the family Simuliidae.
British mosquito
strain at a gnat and swallow a camel to fuss about trifles while ignoring more serious matters.
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Gnats:1:any of various small biting flies: midges; biting midges; black flies; sand
buffalo gnat: small blackish stout-bodied biting fly having aquatic larvae
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nat gnat (nt) n. Any of various small, biting, two-winged flies, such as a biting midge or black fly.
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