What Is the Definition of Habitat?


A habitat is an environment that is occupied by a particular species of plant, animal or any other kind of organism. Habitat can also refer to a science fiction film released in 1997, which was intended for the direct-to video market.
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home to a specific species
Snow monkeys prefer to live in large troops in mountainous regions that are forested with broad-leafed trees, which provide them with shelter and a degree of isolation. Various troops
The cowbird's habitat has expanded greatly since the passing of the American bison. They first spread to the eastern half of the United States during its 19th century deforestation.
The family of spider crabs refers to any of over 700 different species of marine crab. Amongst the most famous varieties are the Japanese spider crab and the European spider crab.
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the natural environment of an organism; place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism: a tropical habitat.
the place where a person or thing is usually found: Paris is a major habitat of artists.
a special environment for living in over an extended period, as an underwater research vessel.
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A habitat is an environment or place where a group of organisms live together. It is a home, neighborhood and safe haven for that group of organisms.
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