What Is the Definition of Haunched?


The word haunched is a noun that refers to state or bodily position of resting on your upper thighs. This word can be used synonymously with the word squat. This word is derived from the Middle English word haunche.
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[hawnch, hahnch]
the hip.
the fleshy part of the body about the hip.
a hindquarter of an animal.
the leg and loin of an animal, used for food.
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Haunches-in. (also called "travers" is a lateral movement used in training of the horse. It has a close cousin, haunches-out. (renvers, "croupe au mur" that is
haunch: the hip and buttock and upper thigh in human beings; the loin and leg of a quadruped
1. in conformation terms, the region of the iliac crests. 2. in the meat trade, the leg and loin.
Haunches-in (also called "travers") is a lateral movement used in training of the horse. It has a close cousin, haunches-out (renvers, "croupe au mur"), that is
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There is no definition of the name ahaunch. However, if you meant haunch, it is a buttock and thigh in a human or animal. The term could also refer to a beam, ...
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