What Is the Definition of Hemocytoblast?


Hemocytoblast is a term used to refer to a stem cell that is derived from the embryonic mesenchyme and measured to be able to develop into any type of blood cell. It can also be defined as a stem cell for blood-cellular elements particularly one considered competent to create all kinds of blood cells.
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[hee-muh-sahy-tuh-blast, hem-uh-]
a primordial cell capable of developing into any type of blood cell.
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the central cells of the cell groups known as cell islands, which develop on the surface of the yolk sac and the allantois. The cell islands eventually form the endothelial lining
See stem cell leukemia.
hē'mō-sī'tō-blast A blood cell derived from embryonic mesenchyme, characterized by basophilic cytoplasm and a relatively large nucleus with a spongy, loose network
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