What Is the Definition of Hydrated?


The word hydrated is the past tense for of hydrate which means to restore water to maintain a balance if fluids. It also refers to compounds which contain water especially of crystallization. It is synonymous with rehydrate.
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chemically combined with water in its molecular form.
(of paper pulp) beaten until gelatinous for making into water-resistant paper.
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hydrate. /hy·drate/ (hi´drāt) 1. any compound of a radical with water. 2. any salt or other compound containing water of crystallization.
Hydrate:1:any compound that contains water of crystallization; 2:supply water or
hydrated: containing combined water (especially water of crystallization as in a hydrate)
The process in which a hydrate looses water. By the by: Is this someone taking AP chem at Thomas Worthington?
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