What Is the Definition of Hygroscopic?


Hygroscopic is the characteristic of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment without exhibiting any significant physical change. Examples of hygroscopic substances are sugar, caramel, honey, glycerol, ethanol, methanol, diesel fuel, sulfuric acid and methamphetamine amongst others.
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absorbing or attracting moisture from the air.
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those compounds which have ability to absorb water from its surroundings are known as hygroscopic compounds.
hygroscope: hygrometer that shows variations in the relative humidity of the atmosphere
Hygroscopic is a property of a substance to absorb or adsorb water from its surroundings. Examples: Zinc chloride, sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide crystals are hygroscopic.
Of or pertaining to, or indicated by, the hygroscope; not readily manifest to the senses, but capable of detection by the hygroscope; as, glass is often covered with a film of hygroscopic
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Hygroscopicity refers to the capacity of a product to react to the humidity content of the air by taking in or releasing water vapor. The water content of a product ...
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Modal refers to a cellulose fibre that is made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, normally from beech trees. It is approximately 50% more hygroscopic for every ...
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