What Is the Definition of Ict?


Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a generic name used to describe a range of technologies for gathering, storing, retrieving, processing, analysing, and transmitting information.
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ICT is used in a wide range of applications in the fishing world. Boat crews can cut deals on mobile phones for the day's catch while still at sea. Boat captains know their locations
ICT is information and communication technology.IT is information technology.the difference is that ICT involves ascpects of IT systems communicating with each other, whereas IT concentrates
Information and Communication Technology is the study of the technology used to handle information and aid communication. The phrase was coined by the new National Curriculum documents
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Information and communications Technology (ICT) is an umbrella that involves any communication application or device, encompassing: television, radio, satellite systems, cellular phones, computer hardware and software. ICT are widely used in Healthcare, schools and libraries.
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