What Is the Definition of Iniquity?


The term iniquity refers to gross immorality or injustice and is alternatively referred to as wickedness. This word is from the Middle English and Anglo-French word iniquite and it was first used in the fourteenth century.
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gross injustice or wickedness.
a violation of right or duty; wicked act; sin.
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Bending and twisting God's laws.
Iniquity 1. gross injustice or wickedness. 2. a violation of right or duty;
INIQUITY. Vice; contrary to equity; injustice. 2. Where, in a doubtful matter, the judge is required to pronounce, it is his duty to decide in such a manner as is the least against
The hour is late. With every passing day it becomes later, and the later it gets, the less I am going to mince on words.
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Bending and twisting God's laws. ...
Some of the definitions for the word justice are; want of justice and equity; violation of the rights of another or others; iniquity; wrong; unfairness; imposition ...
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