What does "inscription" mean?


An "inscription" is a set of memorable or important words that are written or etched onto something durable. The writing can be on something like a tombstone or sculpture or even in a book.

The original word in Latin (from the past participle "inscribere") had a more informal meaning, as it basically just meant "to write." In modern times, it is a bit more formal, implying writing something of importance in remembrance of somebody or as a significant message for someone. In Middle English, in fact, it referred to the text at the start of a book that was dedicated to a particular person.

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something inscribed.
a historical, religious, or other record cut, impressed, painted, or written on stone, brick, metal, or other hard surface.
a brief, usually informal dedication, as of a book or a work of art.
a note, as a dedication, that is written and signed by hand in a book.
the act of inscribing.
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