What is the definition of insecure attachment?


Infants who are not receiving consistent, responsive and nurturing care may suffer from insecure attachment disorder. There are three definitive types of attachment issues, but any one of them affects how the child views his place in the world as he grows.

Ambivalent attachment occurs when parents are inconsistent dealing with a child's needs, such as answering cries too soon or not soon enough. Children with ambivalent attachment issues may not develop feelings of compassion and empathy. Avoidance attachment is actually neglect because emotional and physical needs are barely met. A child does not feel safe in the world because no one cares. Disorganized attachment is emotional absence caused by physical or sexual abuse.

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Insecure: 1 unsure, uncertain 2 not adequately guarded, unsafe 3 not firmly fastened, shaky.
Secure attachment establishes the basis on which the child will form relationships with others; his sense of security about exploring the world; his resilience to stress; his ability
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