What Is the Definition of Iron Law of Oligarchy?


The Iron Law of Oligarchy is a political concept devised by Robert Michaels, a German sociologist. It states that formalized bureaucracies inevitably become led by a small group of self-serving leaders--that is, the power and responsibility necessary in a formal organization eventually leads to oligarchy. The idea is important because it implies that bureaucracy and democracy are not compatible.
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Name given by Robert Michels (1875-1936) to his claim that even socialist parties which professed internal democracy would in practice be controlled by a small elite: ‘who says
The iron law of oligarchy: The tendency of organizations to develop leaders with
The domination of organizations by a small, self-perpetuating elite.
The most common definition of the word 'law, is a rule of conduct, usually enforced by governments, to protect a persons rights, and correct morality.
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