What is the definition of "Kate"?


According to Think Baby Names, Kate is a shortened form of the name “Katherine," which means “pure." It can be traced to the Greek word “katharos."

Kate is a popular feminine name, ranking 464th out of 4,276 female names based on the 2000 U.S. Census data. Some notable people named Kate include designer, Kate Spade; actresses, Kate Winslet and Kate Hudson; and model, Kate Moss.

Baby Names Pedia presents various forms of Kate in English and other languages. Kate may also be formed as Catie, Kata, Kathe, Katka, Kat, Katy, Katee and Kati in English. Other variants of Kate are Kasia in Polish, Cait in Irish, Ceit in Scottish and Katja in Estonian.

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a female given name, form of Katherine or Catherine
Source: Dictionary.com
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