What is the definition of "kindred spirit"?


Kindred spirit can be defined as a person who has the same feelings, attitude or beliefs about something as another person. Two people are said to in kindred spirits if they have the same idea on how to proceed with something.
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Kindred Spirits are two people who have a special bond or connection based on a shared personal experience. This relationship goes beyond friendship and is similar to soul mates.
Kindred:1:similar in quality or character; 2:group of people related by blood or
Generally the term is used to denote people who think alike. Not necessarily about religious or spiritual matters.
spiritism: concern with things of the spirit
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A kindred spirit literally means someone who resembles somebody else in character, interests and temperament. It may also mean someone who feels and thinks the way you do. It may be towards a positive or a negative cause; in terms of sharing your goals, aspirations and sometimes fantasies.
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