What Is the Definition of Lettering?


The word lettering means 'the act, art or process of inscribing or writing words on something'. It is the conventional writing usually of alphabets to represent a speech sound or sounds. It is usually pronounced as le-ta-rin.
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Letters are messages,and certain letter-forms have been established by exeprience and custom as the most useful forms learned and used by every letter-writer,for neglect of them is
Work harassment can be defined as unwanted physical or verbal behavior that creates a hostile work environment. When the behavior targets a legally protected characteristic, such
LETTER:1:a written message addressed to a person or organization; 2:the
A reminder letter is meant to simply remind the customer of the bill; this may be all that is required if he simply forgot to pay. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires
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the act or process of inscribing with or making letters.
the letters in an inscription; calligraphy.
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