What Is the Meaning of Litigious?


Litigious may be defined as: pertaining to lawsuits or suitable to become the subject of a lawsuit. It may also refer to being unreasonably prone to go to law to settle disputes. It is a term used to a person who is argumentative.
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of or pertaining to litigation.
excessively or readily inclined to litigate: a litigious person.
inclined to dispute or disagree; argumentative.
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Litigious: Tending to engage in lawsuits. Have another question? Ju...
litigious adj. referring to a person who constantly brings or prolongs legal actions, particularly when the legal maneuvers are unnecessary or unfounded. Such persons often enjoy
Etymology: L, litigare, to go to law; Gk, paranous, madness a form of paranoia in which the person seeks legal proof or justification for systematized delusions.
LITIGIOUS RIGHTS, French law. Those which are or may be contested either in whole or in part, whether an action has been commenced, or when there is reason to apprehend one. Poth.
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