What Is the Definition of Magnetic Energy?


Magnetic energy is the region in space in which magnetic force is experienced. Magnetism is one of two major forms of energy, the other being electrical energy. Both of these forms are close to each other in how the force is exerted. For example, in both magnetic and electrical energy, like poles attract each other, and unlike poles repel each other.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Definition of Magnetic Energy?"
Magnetic force/energy is the force/energy exerted between
Magnetic domain is the term used to describe when the magnetic field of a group of atoms become magnetically aligned. Each atom in a piece of non-magnetic metal is susceptible to
Magnets do not contain energy, although they can exert forces on magnetic materials. At least that's what the physicists say.
It is energy in a magnet. A magnet is rubbed back and forth to create that energy.
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